Disaster Survivors

dilogr-placeholder-video I would be out of business today if it wasn't for David Leng...

A little after 7am on April 14, 2014, while on vacation in Florida, I got a call on my cell phone that no one ever wants to receive.  It was from my alarm company who informed me that my business was on fire. I called my foreman who let me know that everyone got out safely, but my business was gone.

I am a pretty loyal guy, and was with a trusted, "industry expert" agency for years; somebody who was very active in our industry. I was having some issues with some workers' comp claims, and David's approach sounded so different compared to what i was used to, so I was intrigued enough to talk with David Leng. And I am glad I did!

I could not help but think, if I was still with that old program, I would be out of business today...  I would have been short over $3,000,000 of coverage and would not have been able to rebuild, and would have had to lay off my employees.

David took the time to understand what our needs were, and totally changed our insurance program. He also changed how we managed our workers'  compensation program, which enabled us to save money even while he increased our coverages dramatically.

   Ken Clifton - Owner, CCF Industries


I am so glad I met with David Leng and the team of professionals at the Duncan Financial Group.

I used to be the type of person that would get quotes on my insurance every two or three years. Dozens of agents would call me every year, three for four months prior to my renewal, and say they could  save me  money... get me the same coverage for less, and maybe they would point out holes or gaps in my coverage.   When I look back at my old insurance policies, I now realize that if it were up to typical agents and the terrible, traditional quoting process... I would be out of  business today.

They came in seven months prior to my renewal and took the time to meet with me and my staff, understand my business, and identify the risks I had in my operation.  They put together a Risk Improvement Plan to address our issues.  They also overhauled our insurance program to a point where it looked nothing like my old policies, and they reduced my insurance costs as well.

The outcome was beyond belief. Because of Duncan's efforts, which goes well beyond quoting insurance, not one of my employees or myself missed a paycheck. My business, in its beautiful new facility, is thriving and I am now able to hand this company over to my daughter and eventually my grandson.

   Jack Kirsopp - Owner, Kirsopp Auto Body


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