Understanding the Duncan Risk Profile Improvement ProcessTM

Insurance is based on the principal of someone taking on your RISK in exchange for an amount of MONEY (also known as a premium).  Therefore our award-winning* Risk Profile Improvement ProcessTM, using cutting-edge strategies, is based on the simple goal of reducing your risks which ultimately  makes you more attractive to insurance companies.




Simply put, our process creates a feeding frenzy in the insurance marketplace for your business' insurance!


As we have demonstrated time and time again, by going through our process, we can slash your workers' compensations costs and end your frustrations when it comes to dealing with workers' compensation, all while helping you to build a more productive and profitable organization.


Protecting Your Balance Sheet - Improving your P&L

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My workers' comp premium was strangling my company's cash flow.  I was in a panic, and trying to obtain as many quotes as I could get my hands on to try and reduce my costs.  When I first met David and John, I was about to accept a quote and change insurance companies, during the middle of my insurance policy term, that would save me almost $20,000, which was about 10% of my premium. I allowed them to take a week to analyze my situation, and I was really glad I did!


They saw that if I would have accepted that quote mid-policy year, that my worst claim year would have been on my experience modifier for 4 years and not 3.  Costing me almost $35,000.


More incredibly, they found that my experience modifier was WRONG!!!!  Not one of the dozen plus agents that I spoke to previously saw that!  David and John were able to get my experience modifier corrected, and my insurance companies had to return over $86,000 to me!


From the analysis, they saw that we also needed to improve our safety programs, hiring processes, and that WE had to better manage our injured employees instead of relying on the insurance company adjuster.  Their entire team helped us implement all of these changes quickly, and 3 months later, he was able to leverage what he did for us and obtain an insurance policy at our renewal that was over $100,000 lower.


In a span of 4 months, they put almost $200,000 back in my pocket!


— Mark S. Duda, Duda Cable & Construction

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