David- Thank you for helping to make our annual convention such a huge success.  Your session was well received and provided our participants with the knowledge to not only save money on workers compensation but also to reduce their workers compensation premium by understanding their risks and how to better manage those risks. Great job!

Mary Gaiski, PHC | Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Association |Executive Vice President


Why Bidding & Quoting Your Insurance Does Not Deliver Your Lowest Cost!


A 30 minute workshop perfect for Breakfasts, Luncheons or Dinners. Using examples from Laws of Insurance Attraction and Stop Being Frustrated & Overcharged, your members eyes will be opened to the fact that the traditional insurance shopping process is broken, and they will learn ideas of how they can begin to dramatically reduce their premiums. This time-frame includes approximately 5 minutes available for Q&A.


Workshop typically range from 45-90 minutes. To best benefit your members, workshops can be customized in focus and duration to meet your event and member needs.


However, here are some examples of the Most Requested Workshops David has presented to associations and groups (simply click on the program title to see a description):

  • • A Safe Culture Shift

         Using Safety as the Keystone Habit to Change & Improve Company Culture:

    Learn and understand the roles and actions a leader must take to create a better, more productive workplace is changing in today's employment world.  Learning how to engage your employees and leverage safety, both of physical injury and as well as emotional aspects, is necessary to drive a better workplace, reduce drama and turnover, and increase profitability.


          Achieving the Unthinkable™ - Where Zero is the destination, and not the beginning

    Learn how business leaders are Achieving the Unthinkable™

    Drive a better workplace culture as well as improved productivity and profitability with lower workers' compensation costs, increased work place safety, and improved hiring and employee management processes:

    • Zero Bad Hires,
    • Zero Culture Issues,
    • Zero Unwanted Turnover,
    • Zero Injuries,
    • Zero Lost Time,
    • Zero Premium Audit Errors,
    • Zero Experience Modifier
  • • Workers' Compensation on Drugs!

         The Impact of Medical Marijuana and Opioids on Employers Today

    With the Impact of Medical Marijuana and Opioids on Employers Today, understand the changing laws and best practices for employers with the introduction of legalized medical marijuana as the ongoing opioid epidemic: understanding hiring, employee screening, how to deal with employee injuries, and impact on drug free work places.

  • • Improve Your Risk Profile & Improve Your Bottom Line

         How addressing your Risk Profile Score will actually improve your productivity and profitability

    Rapid changes in the insurance world have led to a broken insurance procurement system. The reason being that insurance agents have truly failed to keep up with the changing times, leading to a frustration of the entire system by most business owners and leaders. The insurance quotes businesses receive are no longer based just on location, sales, payroll and property values. They are  now being based on a combination of analytics and underwriter perceptions of the risk in a business – Your Risk Profile.  The insurance companies are building scoring systems to determine how you run your business is and manage your employees.  This workshop will shed light on how insurance companies score businesses, what you can do to improve your score, and how to reduce your premiums. And how improving your score will improve the productivity and profitability of your company.

  • Why 50% of All Businesses Fail to Survive a Disaster… Despite Being Insured

    Studies show that approximately 50-70% of all businesses either do not reopen or close within three years following a catastrophe, despite the fact that they were insured. How did this happen… and what could they have done differently? This workshop will highlight the biggest areas that lead to these failures and how to prevent them happening.

  • • Don't Let a Good Hire Go Bad

         Today's employment world requires to employers how they hire, orient and manage employee

    Many employers often hire a potentially good employee only to later run into employment issues, such as poor performance, and/or costly workers’ compensation claims.  These situations cost employers considerable amounts of time and money. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With this workshop you will discover how addressing the root causes of these breakdowns can improve your success of hiring the right employee, by bridging the gap between the hiring and handing them off to operations.

  • • Ending Your Workers' Compensation Frustrations

         Why Over 50% of all Companies are Being Overcharged

    By creating a work comp strategy you’ll be surprised how low your work comp costs can go.

    Because of its incredible complexity, Workers’ Comp is subject to countless errors that result in companies paying more than they should.  Learn what insurance agents will never tell an employer:

    1.) The three things every employer must do to reduce their Workers' Compensation Insurance costs

    2.)  How your insurance company gets you to ultimately pay for all of your employee injuries

    3.) The biggest mistake most businesses make when buying Workers' Compensation Insurance and how you can avoid it.

  • • Turning Premiums Into Profits

         Your Safety Culture can Become a Profit Center

    Most businesses are surprised to learn that when they purchase their insurance policies, (also known as the traditional, guaranteed cost insurance programs) from an agent and insurance company, they are buying the most expensive way for them to protect their business. This workshop will explore the options the most successful companies use to protect their business and improve their bottom line.

  • • Stopping Employees from Doing Something Dumb...

         Stop the 90% of injuries that start with unsafe actions

    Every business states that they strive to have zero accidents, but why do they still have employee injuries? This workshop will help business leaders to understand how to have: zero incidents, a reduction in the likelihood of hiring an injury, an improved corporate culture, and increased employee productivity.

  • Eliminating Errors and Overcharges in Your Workers’ Compensation Program.

    Workers’ compensation, with it’s experience modifier and how injuries are managed, is confusing, But more and importantly, it is often wrong or at the very least mismanaged. How the experience modifier impacts Workers’ Compensation premiums is significant, and too many times business leaders are given wrong information on how it is calculated, how it impacts their premium, and what they should be doing to improve it. The workshop will allow employers to learn what the insurance industry won’t tell them!

  • • Stop Being Robbed When You Don't Even Know It

         76% of premium audits are WRONG. Find out why and how to fix them

    You pay your premium all year long, only to receive a bill for an additional premium.  So how did this happen? The Institute of Work Comp Professionals has routinely found that 76% of premium audits are incorrect.  This is causes employers to be overcharged.  Learn how to better manage this process and eliminate paying more than you should.

  • • Business Out of Focus

         How striving to be OSHA & HR compliant can cost your company money

    Every business states that they strive to comply with OSHA and have no employee injuries, but injuries still occur? Why? This workshop will help business leaders to understand what is the true cause of most employee injuries and performance issues are, and how improving Culture with Safe and Productive Behaviors can improve employee productivity and company profitability.

  • Understanding Your Workers' Compensation Program: It Isn't What You Think It Is!.

    Workers’ Compensation is one of the most misunderstood insurance programs. Coverage varies state by state, and often stops at state borders.  When you have multi-state operations (not just multi-state locations), whenever an employee crossing a state line impacts how workers’ compensation applies to your business. You could discover that you are potentially not covered. What about when you hire temporary staffing employees, or lease employees? What happens then? At this workshop we will address coverage issues, how insurance companies rate your policy, and what you can do to reduce your premiums.

  • Are There Better Ways to Insure My Business?

    The Risk-Reward Quandary. From guaranteed cost, dividends, retros and deductible programs, to captives and self-insurance. It’s important to understand the different types of insurance programs in order to determine which is the right program for you. What you will learn will most likely surprise you, and leave you feeling that your wallet is more empty than it should be. Now you can do something about it.

  • Why Do You Continue to Remain So Frustrated Buying Insurance?

    Business owners and leaders continually express their frustrations with the insurance industry, and rightly so.  The way the insurance industry has taught them to choose an insurance agent and company could not be more broken. But by clearly understanding the pitfalls of the process, an employer can take the appropriate steps to find the right advisor to help them navigate the pitfalls and achieve better results.

  • Contracts and Subcontractor Agreements – Do you really want to sign it?

    What are you signing? What are you asking your subcontractors to sign? Want to avoid being burned by subcontractors, or preventing them from showing up as a line item on your premium audit? The use of Risk Transfer is designed to protect a business and reduce the likelihood of a situation impacting your business.  However, what you are agreeing to, or asking others to agree to, may not even be insurable!  Business leaders need to understand clearly how to properly transfer risk, know what to ask for, and what they are signing themselves!

  • Navigating The Costly Bermuda Triangle of Employee HR Compliance

    The impacts on a business by FLMA, COBRA and ADA regulations are the Bermuda Triangle of compliance, and an area most likely to be mismanaged. This leads to an increase in the chances that you will mismanage inured employees and pay fines, additional premiums, and more employee wages than you should.  We will navigate you through this triangle, so that you can come out the other side unscathed.

  • Do You Really Want to Hire that Employee?

    We know you need an employee, but how do you find the right one? How can you end the high costs of employee turnover? How can you stop hiring the wrong employee?  How can you avoid hiring your next work comp claim? As prospective employee rarely show their true colors during the hiring process, how can you hire smarter, safer and more productive employees? We will walk through the process to shed light on how you can better select your next employee, and what you can do to have a greater success rate of them becoming a long term, productive employee.

  • Your Workers' Compensation Experience Modifier - It Should Be Speaking To You...

    Your workers' compensation experience modifier not only impacts your workers' compensation premium, but it can also tell you more about your company than you realize. It also speaks volumes to the insurance industry...

    With Executive Dashboards being the rage, the experience modifier is just one of the benchmarking tools you can use to gauge your company's performance. We will explore the numerous risk management benchmarking tools that can tell you if there is a problem before it hits your bottom line!

  • Reducing Frustrations and Costs When it Comes Managing Injured Employees

    Few things seem to rile up an employer more than an injured employee taking advantage of them and the system .But why did it get to that point? We will walk through several cases to understand when, where and why claims go bad, and what can and should be done to better control them.  How the insurance industry manages and pays workers’ compensation claims is designed to push paper, and not necessarily yield the best results for an employer or employee.  So by the time someone realizes you have a problematic claim, it starts to get big, ugly, and cost you more money. Then it it often too late.  Learn how to ultimately control the injury management process and reduce your costs. Sneak Peek - The solution will require the entire company, top to bottom, to avoid the problems.

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